Q How to export the waveforms to other software?

A. TimeGen exports the waveforms via the clipboard, or also via file formats (emf, bmp).

After the waveforms are drawn in TimeGen, you can copy (CTRL+C) and paste them into MS Word (CTRL+V). Once the waveforms are in MS Word or Powerpoint, then you save the file as a normal document and you can do all the normal thiings you do in Word.

You can also save the waveforms (export) as an enhanced meta file (.emf), or bitmap (.bmp). Once the waveforms are saved, you can use any program to read them in that supports those files types (Adobe FrameMaker, etc)

You can also paste the waveforms directly into an email and send it to people (Using CTRL+C and CTRL+V) with Microsoft outlook

Q How do I invert a waveform?

A. Use the left mouse and double click the waveform using the EDIT tool. Next, right click and choose 'invert' from the menu

Q How can I generate multiple phases of a clock (e.g., 4 phases of a clock, each of them shifted by 90)?

A. You can accomplish this by adding a clock and then inverting it (right click on the clock, and then choose invert). This will shift it 180 degrees. Then, add another clock, and invert it, but also use the delay icons to shift it again.

Q Is it possible to insert a clock cycle into a signal? In other words, can I shift a signal from an arbitrary point to the end of the timeline by one or more complete clock cycles?

A. Use the EDIT tool and highlight the cycle that you want to shift. Then, press CTRL+I. To shift the waveforms left, press CTRL-X. You can also use the INS key or the DEL key

Q How do I change the flood style?

A. After you select the flood tool, you can press the right mouse button to dynamically change the style of the flood fill. Another way to change the style on a signal already drawn with fills is to click on the signal properties dialog box and change the setting for flood style there.

Q How do I adjust the left margin and add more offset?

A. Hold down the CTRL key, and press the LEFT or RIGHT arrow buttons to move the left margin. Similiarly, holiding down SHIFT and the arrows keys will scroll the window left and right.

Q How do I change the rise/fall time on the signals?

A. You can change the angle to ideal transition (straight up and down), or non-ideal (angled transition). Click on the signal name, and then a new dialog box opens. Next, you can check/uncheck the ideal characteristic

Q What are the keyboard shortcuts for TimeGen?

A. The following are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts:
TAB key - let's you move between objects (for example, text boxes, arrows..)
SHIFT and TAB - reverse tab through objects

DEL key - let's you delete currently selected object, or cycle
INSERT key - insert a cycle

SHIFT and the RIGHT/LEFT arrows - scroll the waveforms horizontally
SHIFT and the Up/Down arrows - scroll the waveforms vertically

Up/Down arrow - This lets you move a signal up or down
CTRL-Z - will undo last command
CTRL-C - copy the waveforms to clipboard

CTRL+I (or Insert)- Will shift the waveforms right
CTRL+X (or Delete) - Will shift the waveforms left

Q How can I add a separator between the signals?

A. use the EDIT tool and click on a signal. Then, right click, and then choose INSERT separator. There are different styles to choose from

Q How do you remove the TimeGen logo from the waveforms?

A. From the view menu, you can select/deselect the:
* bouding rectangle
* Drop Shadow
* TimeGen logo
You can also change the clock period lines, cycle lables, etc

Q How to convert TimeGen output to PDF format?

A. There are two ways to save the waveforms as a PDF file:
1) If you have Adobe Acrobat or Distiller installed, then you can use the TimeGen print menu option, and then select Adobe distiller as your printer to write out a PDF file.
2) You can also convert the TimeGen EMF file to a PDF file by using a free converter tool by PDFOnline. Their website is here:

TimeGen can export the waveforms as a EMF file using the File menu, and then choosing Export->Enhanced Metafile

Here is the direct link to the free service:

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