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TimeGen -Timing Diagram Software

     TimeGen is an engineering CAD software tool that helps you quickly and easily draw timing diagrams.

     The timing diagram waveforms can be copied and pasted to other applications, such as Microsoft Word or FrameMaker, for use in writing design specifications.

TimeGen will save you time!

      Stop wasting your valuable time drawing and modifying waveforms with Visio or Word. TimeGen will save you the time, effort and trouble!

      TimeGen is an ideal timing diagram drawing tool for engineers, allowing you to focus your energy designing the circuits, not drawing them.

Our Customers using TimeGen:

Intel, IBM, AMD,
Samsung, Qualcomm,Cisco, Xilinx,
Analog Devices, Freescale Semiconductor,
STMicroelectronics, National Semiconductor,
NASA, the U.S. Navy,
Lockheed Martin, and many more...

Get Started using TimeGen Today!

     TimeGen is very easy to learn and intuitive to use. Download a free trial right now and you will see!

Specific Features of TimeGen include:

  • Copy/Paste instantly to other software

  • Add/modify clocks, signals, buses

  • Add arrows and labels, invalid regions, text boxes, timing breaks, and more

  • On the fly changes in real time.

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NEW! TimeGen 3.3 supported features:

  • Zoom In/Out Magnifying Icon

  • All signals can be hi/lo, hi-Z, or bus

  • Snap to Grid support on/off

  • Support free floating lines or arrows

  • Support for differential signals and clocks (DDR)

  • Arrows and Labels can snap to top/bottom, 10/90, 20/80, 25/75, or 50% of signal

  • Export/Import ASCII and XML

  • Active low bar above signals

  • New export support for SVG graphics

  • Independent delay for each cycle (+/-)

  • Dynamically move signals, edges, labels, arrows, or text using the mouse

  • Different arrow types (bezier, straight, and angled)

  • New asynchronous clock support

  • See complete TimeGen revision history
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