Play the United States Presidents Game:
Presidential Profiles


  • Who was the only president to never marry?
  • What did Thomas Jefferson look like?

Learn about the United States Presidents while playing this fun and educational computer game. Take a guided, educational tour with Uncle Sammy through American presidential history and learn about our leaders!

The United States Presidents Computer Game: Presidential Profiles includes all of these wonderful featured games:

  • The Hall of Presidents (fun tour of all presidents!)
  • Seekin' with Lincoln (Word Search with hidden presidents)
  • Presidential Mixup (Face Scramble Game)
  • Presidential Trivia (over 200 questions!)
  • Presidential Flash Card Game (photo recognition)
  • Classic Concentration Memory Game
Presidential Profiles is a fun and exciting game that teaches you to recognize the photographs of all the United States Presidents and learn interesting facts about the American Presidency

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