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Jumpin' Jack


Jumpin' Jack

     If you loved the classic platform games of yesteryear -- the ones in which a beloved hero would run and jump his way through simple side-scrolling levels on his way to rescue a kidnapped princess -- then you'll enjoy Jumpin' Jack!
     Only instead of simple side-scrolling levels, Jumpin' Jack features seven stunning game worlds packed with vibrant detail, and instead of rescuing a princess, Jumpin' Jack sets out to save his wife and children from the demons of the underworld. Along the way, he'll collect thousands of coins, wipe out countless enemies, discover secret areas and utilize an assortment of crazy acrobatic contraptions to access new locations. Download and play this new classic today!

Full version features:
- Over 35 levels
- Seven stunning game worlds
- Seven breathtaking boss battles
- 20 different enemies
- Unlimited game time
- Free upgrades to newer versions
- Full technical and customer support

After ordering the game, you will gain access to all of the game levels and advanced game features.

System Requirements:
- PIII-750 / 128M RAM / 3D Video 32M


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