Q. What is an annual license?
We sell annual licenses that expire after one year. After the year is over, you have the option to renew it or TimeGen will stop working. During the year, you receive free upgrades, bug fixes, and free customer support.

Q. What is a perpetual license?
The TimeGen perpetual license will not expire. You will receive 1 year of free support, bug fixes, and upgrades. After the first year, an optional maintenance fee is charged per license. If you purchase the maintenance fee, then you continue to receive the free upgrades, bug fixes, and customer support. Otherwise, the software will still work but you need to purchase any future upgrades.

Q. What is a node locked license?
A node locked license is a license to use TimeGen on only one machine. TimeGen will lock itself to the machine (node) and you will only be able to use TimeGen on that node.

Q. What is a USB (dongle) license?
A USB (dongle) license is a license to use TimeGen on any machine. The license is actually on the USB thumb drive itself (you can use your own or purchase a thumb drive from us). This is perfect for engineers who move around and can take the USB dongle with them.

Q. Can I transfer a license?
Yes, you can transfer a node locked license from one machine to another. Please email us for details.

Q. Do you offer a floating license?
Yes. We offer a floating license via our web server (you must have internet access to our server). Also, we offer a TimeGen Site License which is a unlimited user license for one physical site (unlimited seats) to use TimeGen.

Q. Does TimeGen work over a network?
Yes, you can run TimeGen through a network. However, each machine (node) that logs into the network to access TimeGen will need to purchase a license.